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2024 Little League® Rulebook Significant Updates




Baseball, Softball, and Challenger Regulation I(c) The League: Outlines additional requirements as outlined in the Child Protection Program.

·         Regulation I (c) (10): Mandatory Training and Continuing Education

·         Regulation I (c) (11): Mandatory Reporting

·         Regulation I (c) (12): Non-Retaliation

·         Regulation I (c) (13): Prohibit One on One Contact

Please note that the Child Protection Program has been updated beginning with the 2024 season. Please review all updates at




Softball – Rules 2.00, 8.01(s), 8.05(a) – Leaping: The act of leaping while delivering a pitch in softball is a legal delivery. The pitcher may have both feet off the ground at the same time as long as both feet remain in the 24-inch width of the pitching plate and the pitcher does not replant the pivot foot. The replant of a pivot foot occurs when the pitcher pushes off the playing surface from anywhere other than the pitcher’s plate in the act of delivering a pitch.

Softball (Senior Division) Rules 2.00, 3.03, 7.14(a) Designated Player (DP)/Flex: This change replaces the Designated Hitter with the Designated Player (DP)/Flex to provide more opportunity for players in Senior League Softball.

·         Designated Player (DP): The player who is initially on the line-up card in the team’s batting order but not in the defensive line-up.

·         Flex: The player who is initially listed in the tenth spot, and may play any defensive position, may enter the game on offense only in the Designated Player’s (DP) batting position.




Baseball and Softball (Tournament Play) – Rule 2.00 – At-Bat: Clarifies that for purposes of satisfying Mandatory Play for Tournament Play only, the definition of At-Bat in regards to completing at At-Bat after a player is retired as a batter; retired as a batter-runner; reaches base and scores; or reaches base and the inning/game ends, does not apply in Tournament Play.



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